Office of Academic Affairs
The school is a comprehensive Junior-Senior High School. Office of Academic Affairs is in charge of 6-year curriculum design, recruit students and develop and expand the school-based curriculum as well as activities.

The collaboration between the administrative team and all the subject teachers 'communities, students benefit a lot from the school. The school have been cultivating students' learning attitude, developing their potential and preparing them to a diverse society. Student will build a solid foundation and gain the knowledge of the field in humanities and science when studying at Dongshan High School.

The Introduction to Each Section:
  1. Curriculum Section:
    • Command the teaching progress of all disciplines at school, and have a closely communication with junior and senior high school teaching team to plan the whole school curriculum
    • Schedule senior high school curriculum and various adaptive counseling classes.
    • Plan school-based curriculum and the direction of it
    • Integrate and coordinate of the mathematics, bilingual, orchestra, information and other orientation courses
    • Integrate the progress and curriculum of each class of senior high school
    • Handle subject assessments, the paper review mechanism to understand the professional of teachers and students learning
    • Encourage teachers to attend seminars to keep their teaching professional and updated
  2. Registrar Section
    • Plan the schedule and the status of the student enrollment
    • Command the school roll and the relevant information to understand the background of students
    • Integrate the junior and senior high school students’ assessment results, and analyze them
    • Arrange the class of new students and the adaptability of the change classes
    • Understand the possibilities of further education for students and offer them the timely help
    • Check the academic level by the schools that alumni enter or their education background 
  3. Curriculum Design and Research Section
    • Recruit the professional teachers who specialize in their fields to assist students, and plan the creativity curriculum for junior high students with the step by step curriculum design to inspire gifted kids
    • Collaborate with some prestigious universities, and plan the creativity curriculum for gifted senior high students to gain extra assistance and specialization in a certain subject
    • Plan to explore educational activities to broaden gifted students’ horizons
    • Hold some competitions at school and encourage students to participate in the competitions held by other schools around the nation
    • Help teachers participate in the school exchange activities
    • Organize a variety of school visit activities