Office of General Affairs
Personnel Office
  1. Recruit, select, develop and hire new faculty and staff
  2. Coordinate contract administration with employee classifications
  3. Maintain employee related documentation
  4. Administer Employee benefits and compensation programs
  5. Keep track of sick time and vacations
  6. Develop different processes to evaluate staff.
  7. Issue staff birthday and greeting cards
  8. Release certificate of staff service and resignation
  9. Apply for and reissue teaching certificates Ensure adherence to HR related law and support school development
  10. Other employee relations and staff issues.
Accounting Office
Introduction (Business Overview):
  1. Provide Budget compilation and execution
  2. Verify the validity of certificates
  3. Issue accounting certificates
  4. Booking account records and account management
  5. Compile various annual reports
  6. Conduct internal management and auditing
  7. Consolidate accounting documents and storage
  8. Prepare annual accounts and reports
  9. Approve accountant certificates
  10. Attend accounting and auditing meetings