Principal's Office
Education Background
  • Ph.D., Business Administration, International University of Monaco.
  • M.A., Education, National Taiwan Normal University
  • B.A., Chinese Language and Literature, Tamkang University
  • B.A ., International Trade, National Taipei University of Business
  • Director of Accounting at Dongshan High School
  • Chinese and Citizen Teacher at Dongshan High School
  • School counselor at Dongshan High School
School Values
  • Friendly Campus.
  • Adaptive Development.
  • Diversified Learning.
  • Strive for Excellence.
Business Strategies
  • Strive for excellence, and the equal opportunities.
  • One skill for every student, and cultivate the core value of physical and art competence.
  • Life education- develop the self and the self-value.
  • Life education-establish the self and the society value.
  • Ecology Education- rebuild the relationship between the self and the nature.
  • Bilingual Education-cultivate the self and international interaction.