Brilliant results
  1. The school established the Music Center in 1998, winning earning first place by representing Taipei City in a national orchestra competition. With the current Senior and Junior High sections of Orchestra Department, the school earned great results in consecutive years.
  2. So far the school has cultivated 23 excellent students who have skipped the grades and enrolled into National Taiwan University with a major in medicine or engineering. The school has become one of the best schools that nurture gifted student to skip grades.
  3. Since 2006, the school had 10 students accepted into National Taiwan University with a major in medicine.(The reference is from the science group of the nation with top 90 students) With the record of 450 students accepted into National Taiwan University including 107 students with a medicine major, the school is considered the best among private high schools.
  4. Earning first place of restrooms rating in Taipei City in 2008 and 2010.
  5. In 2009, by promoting energy saving and green campuses that reduce carbon footprint, the school adopted a new system with none flicker, no radiation LED lighting equipment and built the nation's first green campus.
  6. January 11th, 2010, the school received the first "Taipei Education 111 school" honor.
  7. In 2011, the school received leading excellent award nomination by the president of educational department (Only two schools in Taipei City received this award nomination: Jing Mei High School and Dong Shan High School).
  8. The school founded drumming team and received excellent results from participating in national competitions in 2011.
  9. Organizing "Review 40, Excellent 100" school's 40th anniversary in Taiwan University Sports Center on May 7th, 2011 with over 5,000 teacher and student participants.
  10. In 2011, two students Ye Wei Ting and Qiu Pin Yang received first place in World Robotics Competition. Two students received the honor and invitation from nation's president office.
  11. Four students Lin Zhi Min, Jackie Lee, Chen Liang Yu, and Ye Wei Ting won Third Place in the international application development contest in 2011. They received the honor to meet Vice President Siew.
  12. In 2013, the school received Quality School Certification from the Taipei City Government.
  13. Implementing the digital fleet classroom project with Delta Synergy and Institute of Information Industry.
  14. 4 students received full marks in college entrance exam(General Scholastic Ability Test) in 2015. The school ranked third after Jian Guo High school and Taipei First Girls High School. The school had a total of 10 students receiving full marks in General Scholastic Ability Test from 2011 to 2015.
  15. In 2015, students enrolled into Duke University, UCLA, Purdue University and Hong Kong University.
  16. In 2015, school has 70 safe and convenient school buses with routes covered the Great Taipei area.
  17. In 2015, students participated in competitions both national and international including academic, sports, music, art and other four categories with more than 20 sections. The school had great results with 1,310 students receiving awards.
  18. Over 159 students passed first phase of Recommended Selection Procedure in 2016. This record is on first place among private school nationally.
  19. A total of 13 students got enrolled in universities with a medicine major in 2016.
  20. A total of 37 students were accepted into famous schools around the world in 2016.