The philosophy of school
Dong Shan High School is a complete 6-year high school. School has been founded for over 46 years with nearly 3,800 staff and faculty and students. Principal, Li-Mei Chen, followed the school's philosophy, emphasizing friendly campus, educating students to be thankful to others for their good deeds, inspiring multiple intelligences, motivating interest in learning, and achieving the idea of "Holistic Education".

In order to achieve the school students' learning goal: "Diversified Learning and Pursuing Excellence", the school focuses on multiple intelligences, art education, physical fitness learning, life education, living education, ecological education, learning strategies and so on, and expects students to learn "Experience of Recognition, Working Responsibility, Self Acceptance, Respecting Others, Life Development" to achieve "Adaptive Development" and "Self Achievement", and assists students to recognize their strength to be able to plan and find the best way to solve problems by themselves and they can eventually learn the skills that can benefit their whole life as a life-long learner.