School History
The school was founded in 1971 by the former professor Kang Lo of National Taiwan University, along with passionate educators such as Hsiao-Fen Ling ,Hwai-Tong Yang, Chiu-Ling Wu, Yung-Meng Wu, Hsen -Lung Lee, Jih Wu, Yung-Tai Lei, Chuan-Jung Shiu, and Chia-Yuan Chen who raised funding to form the board of directors and registered the school as Taipei City Private Dong Shan High School. They recommended Mr. Ling as the first Chairman of the Board. The famous architect Mr. Yang became the next Chairman of the Board, and Master Wu Yuan became the following Chairman of the Board in February 1996. In April 2016, Mr. Chin-Fa Chen was appointed as the new Chairman of the Board.

In August 1971, Educational Department of Taipei City Government approved of school establishing Senior High Section. The former secretary of former Department of Education of Taiwan Province, Mr. Wang Hsung ,was the first principal of school. In 1973, Mr. Yung-Tai Lei became the next principal. Due to the excellent results of establishing the school, Junior High School was approved of being a comprehensive junior-senior High School in 1994. To cultivate musical talents, orchestra department was founded in August, 1998. In 2001, principal Lei retired. Mr. Hsen-Lung Lee became the next principal while Mr. Chia-Yuan Chen became the vice principal. In July 2005, Principal Lee retired while Vice Principal Mr. Chia-Yuan Chen was promoted as the Principal. In July 2016, Mr. Chen retired while the director of accounting office, Mrs. Li-Mei Chen, was appointed as the Principal.

When the school was founded, time was tough and things were difficult. Fortunately, with strong dedication and team work from all the faculty and staff, the school was able to complete projects one after another. Currently the campus size is 8 acres, with 4 academic buildings (Huai Dong Building, Yin Gong Building, Xiao Fen Building, Dao An Building), sports zone and various facilities ready to be finished. There are currently 39 classes for both Junior High and Senior High Sections. The number of teachers and students are close to 3,800 and there are 70 school buses. The school has a wholesome nurturing learning environment that fosters students' attitudes. School has been improving school policies after many years. The reputation of school is prestigious and proud. Alumni often have a great career and accomplishments.

As time goes by, the school has been founded for over 46 years. Following the original school concept: "Correct human's heart for this world, pure the unwanted culture for the society, fulfill the duty for the youngsters, and cultivate the talent for the country", neither students nor faculty and staff are slacking off. Emphasizing "Diversified Learning" and "Right Aptitude Development" for the goal of "Completed Humanity Education", the school is continuing working to be a "Century-old prestigious school".